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Velvet Vday Vibes ❣️

For Valentine’s Day, I got this inspiration where I wanted to try something new for myself and create looks that coordinated together. When I walked into Joann’s fabric, I was taking it all in like I usually do when I stumbled upon this red velvet fabric. I immediately fell in love. And what more coincidental then to have this theme going for the month of February - the month of love.

So about this fabric though 😍

It’s a really soft, super stretch velvet fabric that just snuggles you up when you wear it. It has the nicest sheen too it, giving it a subtle luxurious look. I made this double strap slip dress that’s super comfy and perfect to wear out on date night. I also made an asymmetrical skirt that hugs the hips juuuust right. You’ll definitely catch bae sneaking a peek 😉

Luckily, v-day isn’t just about significant others. So go grab your bestie and paint the town red together ❤️ I styled the dress my bff is wearing with a fuzzy white cardigan, pearl necklace and clear heels. Polished the look off with some rose gold framed aviators. For some reason this look screams “chic housewife” to me and I’m here for it. Keeping up with the red and white theme, I paired the asymmetrical skirt with a white lace up body suit, burgundy mesh choker, and simple white strappy heels.

I hope you guys get some Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration from these looks!

Xoxo, Ashley

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