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LA Swim Lookbook

Hi everyone! So I recently just went on my first trip to LA and I had the best time ever!! My boyfriend and I went to celebrate his birthday, so we decided one of the best ways to celebrate would be partying in LA’s most swankiest hotel rooftops lol. I was bikini shopping for the longest prior to us leaving only to realize...why not just make my own?? (Duh!!) I ended up making two swimsuits that I ended up wearing to two different pool parties we went to. At first, I was hesitant because I’ve never made an actual swimsuit before (other than the clear vinyl flower bikini I made for a friend). But after I got started, it was hard to stop! These swimsuits are super simple and don't take long to make either.

The first swimsuit I wore was this blue bandeau bikini :

This pool party was definitely something I’ve never been too. It was hosted in a beautiful hotel called The Standard in Beverly Hills. I loved that it had a very laid back vibe, yet still keeping it real upscale.

I paired the bikini with this blue holographic t-shirt dress that I just used as a cover up. Of course, no look would be complete without skinny sunglasses. The blue really popped with the cover up! I loved how it looked together. And I love how bae and I are coincidentally matching with his blue and white shorts. He caught onto the blue theme obviously.

The second suit I made was this red bralette bikini: 

Compared to the other pool party, this one was something super surreal. It was hosted on Skybar's rooftop, right on Sunset Blvd. First of all it was a 90's themed party, which already had me overly excited. Secondly, it was PACKED full of party people. They had festive floaties, the DJ was amazing, yummy drinks, and an all around fun atmosphere. We definitely felt like we were on an episode of MTV Spring Break lol.

I just wore this bikini with a leopard print head-wrap, cat eye sunglasses, and the white mesh pants. The cherry on top was the fanny pack! Very 90's chic if ya ask me.

I hope this gave you all some insight on how to stay stylish while sitting poolside!

Xoxo, Ashley

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