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Fall Has Come....& Gone?

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Hey everyone 👋🏽 so I’m well aware that Fall has come and gone (sadly) but I’m sure that this look is definitely something you can rock during the current winter season. First off I want to start with a disclaimer: these lace up pants may be my favorite DIY thus far and yes, this probably means you guys are going to see them everywhere lol. Funny story is I got inspo from seeing a style like these on Kylie Jenner when they first made their debut last year and now, there’s no way you can go wrong with them.

Yeah I’m sure 90% of people are way over the lace up trend but you can’t go wrong with a pair like these if you know how/where to wear them. I decided pairing them with booties for once, with the cut of the hem I was always nervous that if I wore a boot I’d somehow cut off the lace detailing so I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried it out! If you know me you know I love mixing and matching textures, so the mix of the fur with the leather cording lace makes for a look that’s edgy, yet still glam. Which is really the vibe my style has been gravitating towards lately. The pop of blue on the denim though >>>> can we take a moment for that?! Yeah all black is great and all but mixing denim adds to the edginess of the look, plus it also tones it down so the outfit is more versatile. You can look good for that work dinner and not have to worry about changing for stepping out for drinks after.

But we can’t forget the best part….the fur!!! When in doubt, add a fur. It’ll keep you warm plus you’ll be stylish af. For accessories I kept it simple with a bolo choker, can’t go wrong with those either. Anyways, I hope this helped to give you all some inspiration!

Xoxo, Ashley

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